Monday, August 3, 2009

Blow Your Mind

OKIE, I'm going to point something out to you. But before I do, I want you to prepare your mind. If you read what I write, it will make any cartoon you watch much much weirder for as long as you keep it in mind. If this is a side-effect for which you feel a small bit of wonderment is not worth, you might not want to read on.


Are you sure you're OK with this? I mean, there might be a cartoon that you, like, really like. Maybe, say, Family Guy. Not a big fan myself, I prefer The Venture Brothers -- watching which I made this startling discovery. A discovery that, to the mind untrained in the inner workings of cartoonary, is rather starting. I warn you, Pokemon might become just that much weirder to you.

Anyway, here goes:

When there is a scene with multiple characters in a cartoon and one of them is talking, the other don't move with any kind of normal regularity. They look like paintings. I never noticed it until recently, and now I can't stop staring at the ones not talking, wondering how they have the will to remain still as statues while Dr. Orpheus says things that drive me into hysterical fits of laughter.

Now that you know this, cartoons may never be the same again. Pay attention and you'll see.

Also, there's an arrow in the Federal Express logo between the e and the x. Sorry. I didn't warn you about that. I figured there was not much chance that the mystery of the FedEx logo was that important to you.

That is all.


Downpuppy said...

The worst cartoons are the cheap, Hanna-Barbera crap made from about 1960-1990. The older stuff was better made; the newer has computer assistance. But for 30-40 years there, you had one moving element (and factory scripts too)

Anonymous said...

When I´vew flipped past Pokemon I´ve been struck by how bad the animation is. When the characters are talking, it seems like there are far fewer frames of mouth movement than in say the Simpsons or Family Guy.

Another obnoxious technique to avoid spending money on animators is panning or zooming on a still scene (i.e., camera moves, but the scene isn´t animated). Although it´s not animation, I can´t stand watching the History Channel, since so much of their video is basically a slide show that´s livened up by panning and zooming (I do realize that much of history predates film, and there´s not much else you can do with historical documents, photos and paintings though).

NutellaonToast said...

For me, it's not about quality (though I definitely see your points.). It's more about the constant trekking in and out of the uncanny valley and what this does to the viewing experience.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of weird logo's about the embedded "11" in the Big Ten logo?

That always gets me.