Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shorter Megan Being an Asshole

government run health care will kill your grandmother, and if you call me stupid for saying that you're a socialist.
You see, if the government enters health care, beyond Medicare and Medicaid and the VA and CHIPS and so on, then private companies will make fewer pacemakers, and this will be the government's fault.
And once again, Medicare doesn't exist and hasn't been providing your grandmother with health care since she turned 65, because that would mean she's already dead.
No, I don't need to support my assertion, it's my assertion, if I'm absolutely, completely, obviously, categorically wrong it just means I'm more right than you are.

Oops. Consider this the intro to and provision of linkage for M.'s piece below.

Also, I forget who said this here and I'm too lazy to search out, but whoever it was was right; we're not talking about health care provision, we're talking about how health care providers and their institutions and the makers of health care products are paid for their services. Health insurance companies are middle men, period. FFS, Obama punted taking on big pharma and has gotten them to join his team. Megan is resorting to a slightly dressed up version of "scary black man wants to kill your grandma" because she and the opponents of health care reform quite literally have no other arguments left, even her sacred profit driven innovation is largely safe now. Megan is effectively declaring her support for the quite uncivil public temper tantrums legions of movement conservatives are having in town halls by agreeing with the lies that drive them. A government health plan would be socialist and fascist and eugenicist and blahdefuckingblah.
I no longer wonder whether Megan knows she's lying. Now I wonder whether she's capable of knowing it at all. I'd think she has to realize she's pushing lies if only because she doesn't come off as someone who'd be twitchy in person, like, say, K-Lo or Pam Atlas, but maybe she's just a bland nut.

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No "Oops!" necessary, covered from different angles.