Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Shorter Book Banning:

I don't fucking care if some kid might get lead poisoning. I wanna fucking collect books that I read when I was young for purely nostalgic purposes! Damn you, invasive government!


clever pseudonym said...

Does anyone know anything about the dangers of lead in books, or know a somewhat objective source for learning about it? It's not like we should expect Megan to provide any information; she only frames the subject in her typical ME ME ME context.

NutellaonToast said...

I would actually wager it's pretty minimal, given what I was taught in my Green Chemistry class about the dangers of lead, but that's a technocratic question and not a moral question as Megan frames it.

Essentially, the legislators could easily say "We have no idea the true dangers but there is good evidence to suggest that are relevant. Since banning the sale of children's books from before 1985 will have a negligible impact on the economy let's just do it."

But, of course, in the land of Megan, there is no reasonable train of thought that could lead to her being prohibited from doing whatever the fuck she wanted short of shooting people in the face.

Anonymous said...

If she spent a lot of time licking the pages of all those books she read as a kid, it would explain a lot regarding her reasoning skills.

Susan of Texas said...

I tried to post at Balloon Juice but nothing happened. My Suderman quote and info are orphans, lost in the ether. Sob.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh, there it goes. But I messed up the blocking.