Thursday, August 27, 2009

Someone Tell Megan About This

I doubt she'd read any email I send, buuuuuuuuuut it seems that Rachel Maddow reported at Alternet that

We‘re now learning about actual, direct links between the gun stunt this week at President Obama‘s event in Arizona and a militia group that was convicted in the 1990s of conspiring to blow up federal buildings.
Ernest Hancock, the right-wing online radio host who carried a .9 millimeter pistol himself at the Phoenix protest and who interviewed the other people who were carrying guns -- he used to work for a group that defended a violent militia group called the Vipers. It was a group that called themselves the Viper Reserves and they formed to defend the Viper Militia.
What was it that Megan said? Oh yes
I think that the left should also stop claiming, on little evidence, that [the people openly carrying firearms] are crazed militia members.
But hey, maybe the Vipers weren't that bad. The name doesn't exactly suggest creativity.
The Viper Militia said they were opposed to what they called the "new world order.” They practiced advanced weapons training, including exploding rockets and making fertilizer bombs in a desert town about a hundred miles from the one-time home of Timothy McVeigh. Twelve members of the Viper Militia were charged in 1996 with plotting to blow up at least seven government buildings.
Hopefully most of you already know most of this because you watch Maddow regularly and saw this report as a video piece, but obviously Megan doesn't and didn't, which is why she was accusing the people disagreeing with her of manufacturing facts she didn't bother to find out. She'll probably just call Rachel Maddow names, tho.



John B. said...

Just FYI, This same info was reported last week on TPM. Here's the link.

spencer said...

Yes, I like how she accuses everyone else of manufacturing facts while basing her entire opposition to health care reform on hypothetical numbers she pulled out of her ass.

And of course she can't even see the problem with this.