Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Writer Heard From

Compare & contrast:

This, from Slate's "Moneybox" (there's a semi-icky name) by a Daniel Gross, who was on the same junket to Vietnam as our muse, Ms. McA, w/ all of Ms. McA.'s items from Vietnam, & the obsessional coverage generated here. Interesting, no?

And the real masochists among us might want to visit the German Marshall Fund blog, esp. for 22 & 23 November, for further contrast.

Web log beg: Do any of my readers remember if Megan mentioned anything about the transportation infrastructure in Vietnam? Not to mention that said infrastructure was in such bad shape as the result of the well-intended, beneficent United States gov't. dropping more high explosives on Vietnam during our "dust up" (her words) w/ them than it dropped on Germany & Japan during WWII (or whatever that stat is).

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to duct tape some road flares to my chest & visit the Dep't. of Public Social Services. Watch the news!!


Kiddo said...

Dang, how'd I miss this blog for so long? I love the polls! Glad I found you folks. I'm enjoying finding these bits of sanity online after my being dragged around in less sane quarters.


Adam Eli Clem said...

Any friend of the Governor is a friend of mine, Lex. Nice to see you.

Kiddo said...

Hehhehheh. SKINK'08!

Hey, that poll needs an update though. Oshry long gone. Did you miss that coverage? I don't share secrets still from good old wingnuttia, but that was in the local papers and hit all the blogs.

Guess what, I've now been deemed a "stalker blog" owner! I thought I was just becoming a bad ass guitarist, but I'm a "stalker" now!

Thanks for the welcome, Clem;)

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