Thursday, November 29, 2007

As I was just saying

Megan is fond of pointing out the flaws of others without reflecting on what they say about herself, often in ironic ways.
In the comments to Gavin's already referenced post J-- points out a great example of Megan in action. First, a short post, titled Insult to injury:

Some freelance socialist not only stole my bike from in front of my house, but left the lock. The deliberate taunting seems highly unnecessary.
Then, when questioned on what makes this act of theft socialism, Megan answers,
Guys, if I can't make fun of a political philosophy which is now subscribed to by, at a first approximation, no one, then what can I poke fun at?

But yes, I think nationalization of private property without compensation is theft.
Granted, I am in academia, but I know more socialists than I do libertarians. And I know far more Muslims than I do Mormons.


Adam Eli Clem said...

The problem with bicycle locks is that they encourage people to make poor life decisions.

Anonymous said...

Wait...if the political philosophy is subscribed to by no one, how did a socialist steal her bike? And how does she know it was a socialist? It could have been a greedy capitalist who immediately turned around and sold the thing for money to upgrade his coffee maker.

Anonymous said...

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