Friday, November 2, 2007

If a snark falls in the woods...

until jasonc gets around to explaining to me what's wrong with me, this will have to do.

Anyhow, some bloke or assortment thereof (one of the posts indicates it might be an ex-boyfriend or friend of an ex-boyrfriend) have created a blog with the sole purpose of dogging her. Now, this is a bit pathetic but nonetheless an excellent example of the niche blog. I would imagine its existence is quite flattering.
It wouldn't surprise me if Megan, while pretending to ignore us, felt similarly up until
Also, I'll admit it. A real resident troll would be fun, so I'm hoping the "spike" of a couple dozen hits they might get could lead to.... ehh, who am I kidding. I'd ignore it but for narcissism n childish giggling.


Anonymous said...

This may only be tangentially realted to Megan, but what is the deal with Andrew Sullivan pimping the race and IQ thing? I understand he has a history with the Bell Curve, etc, but he seemed to have put his more cartoonish fascist leanings back in the closet upon learning that the right wing doesn't like its gays out and proud. The only thing I can figure is that he saw Megan getting traffic by trolling David Duke's base and decided to have a go of it himself. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Of course. The only person who could possibly take exception to McArdle's shitty, pretentious, badly edited, poorly reasoned, condescending, elitist blog where she frequently writes with authority on subjects she has no understanding of is an ex-boyfriend on the warpath. It couldn't possibly be that someone just might think that that sort of writing belongs in the basement of blogspot and not a place like The Atlantic Monthly. Sounds like a great assessment to me. What more could you expect from a Megan McArdle fan (shudder to think there is such a thing)?