Sunday, November 11, 2007

The McEagle Has Landed

brad, your vacation is over (unless "blogging remains light" throughout our muse's sojourn in Cochinchina).

But that general lightness you're all feeling in the BosWash Metro Corridor is absence of McArdle, as she's now in Hanoi, bemoaning the non-commercial, friendly nature of the populace, worrying about their profit margins, etc. I suppose once she's finished pimping economic development for whichever entity financed her expedition & more Western investment "creates wealth & opportunity," the Vietnamese people can become the money-grubbing assholes Ms. McArdle thinks we all should be.

Fortunately for her mental health, she'll soon be in what she refers to as Saigon, known to the rest of the world as Ho Chi Minh City, where the influences of French colonialism & American imperialism are still felt, & she'll be treated like the tourist she is.

brad adds:

If she does any posting about our war with Vietnam I'm going to beg mikey to guest post for us in response.
Also, I'm adding Instaputz to the little blogroll, as birds of a feather and all that. (Also cuz they were nice to me back when Ann Althouse decided to give me a little popularity boost.) If M., Clem, or any readers think of any other similar sites I'll put em in, too. I'm leaving Altmouse out because it seems defunct.

M. B. sez:

Her only reference to the war so far:

The people here are almost unbearably friendly, especially considering our little dustup [sic] 30-some years ago[.]
Sweep that dust up under the rug!


mikey said...

Look. The vietnamese are a WONDERFUL people. They have a hilarious sense of humor, irreverent and disrespectful. We don't own that. They have a french influence that gives them the classic insouciance and humor that makes them a pleasure to hang with. As a culture, they have an aversion to hard work and a joy in scams that I would call uniquely american, except it ain't.

We fucking well shouldn't have been shooting at them, we should have recruited them as astronauts, doctors and chefs. Seriously, they are a people with a tremendous capacity for misery, and will laugh and joke with you at the worst, most inappropriate times.

And if you don't recognize that as the highest of respectful praise, you don't get me at all...


brad said...


M. Bouffant said...

mikey's input, often invaluable!
As opposed to Megan, so worried about less-than-optimum efficiency that she misses the forest for the trees (or vice versa).