Friday, November 9, 2007

This disturbs me

This post by M. is the second result in Google for "megan mcardle is hot", and someone actually googled that at 3 in the afternoon today. It came from a federal agency, too. I won't say which cuz no one likes a narc, but geez.
Since we hate women here and lookism is ok, I have to emphatically say Megan is not hot, which means she's less valuable as a person to humanity. As Clem pointed out, Megan looks like a man, and a fellow hack of a man at that.
Not hot.
And once again, yes, I hate women, and this why I want her fired.


M. Bouffant said...

She certainly looks like a man in the road rash photo, & looks as if she's put on a pound or two since moving to Washington & spending her spare time in coffee places & the Townhouse Tavern. Oddly enough, just yesterday my own site rec'd. hits for "M. McM. picture," which lead me to her bio pic @ TPM Cafe or Bookclub or whatever it is, & I thought, Hey, she looks pretty good there. Of course it's some odd pseudo-sepia tone, may have been Photoshopped, & her mouth is closed. And as Xaviera Hollander ("The Happy Hooker") once said, tall women don't have to be as pretty as ones of average or below-average height. Though I thought McA. was average looking before I knew she was 6' 2". (Has that statistic been confirmed independently?)

Also: Why not reveal the Federal Agency? If you don't tell anything else, like the domain name or specific location (VA as opposed to D. C., for example) no one will know. I've gotten several hits from someone(s) @ The Pentagon clicking on my URL from comments left @ Asymmetrical Info. (That's a bit frightening. I suppose if it were the FBI or DHS really looking for subversives they wouldn't be so eadily identifiable.) It is, after all, your tax dollars not at work, & immoral besides, as Megan would doubtless remind us.

brad said...

The agency is based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I'm not gonna name it cuz I don't want people to feel worried I'll do anything with the tiny bit of personal info visiting this site gives me access to. I might well be silly in worrying about it.

Anonymous said...

why don't you two just ask her out sometime? it's pretty obvious that you're attracted to her and i bet she'd enjoy arguing with you in person. i do know her and she is 6'2"- exciting, huh?

Anonymous said...

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Viagra Online said...

Wait a second, who is the Megan McArdle? She must be a real bitch in order to be hated like that. Nice post man. But hey, don't hate women, they are beautiful! Well, if you want to hate them, it's better for me, I'll have one less competitor.