Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Not Getting It

La McArdle speaks:


Why is Sarah Palin lying about having gone off teleprompter? People I trust have spoken to people who were there, and if she went off teleprompter, she somehow nonetheless managed to deliver exactly the remarks that she handed out to the press beforehand.

What I don't get about this lie is the pointlessness. I expect politicians to lie. But I expect them to tell the standard sort of lies about how they will give us all $5 solar cars by 2010, and never, ever sleep with their staff. This seems like some sort of bizarre compulsive disorder.

It puts me in mind of a famous quote by a UN chief: "You Americans never make simple stupid moves. Only complicated stupid moves that make the rest of us think we might be missing something."

What am I missing?

Well, you're missing that the UN chief (If it's such a g-o-double-dee-a-m-n famous quote, which UN chief was it?) is saying that you Americans are stupid, whether your stupid moves appear complicated or not.

And that Gov. Palin may, like the Moooslims, consider it "OK" to lie in furtherance of a theocratic goal. Or, Mme. Moosedroppings may be disordered.

Let's contemplate this again:

People I trust have spoken to people who were there
That's why they call it journalism, isn't it? I can only hope that those Megan trusted trusted those who were there, & that those who were there were trustworthy.

P. S.: If you think I'm going to read one word of Megan's about the current financial climate, when John McCain has assured us that the fundamentals of "our" economy are sound, think again!


Adam Eli Clem said...

I wonder if this is McArdle's attempt at tongue-in-cheek mockery. Sully's been obsessing about Palin's lies for the last two weeks, and he publicly thumped McArdle a few days ago. This post could be a lame form of payback.

bulbul said...

People I trust have spoken to people who were there
Let's face it, this approach to sourcing is common even among a better class of, um, journalists. But Megan has managed to make it even more stupid by actually admitting to the world that this is what she does. And she probably believes, bless her heart, that she's being honest and therefore trustworthy.
How old is she again?