Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Shorters

I think I'll get to her latest print piece, but no promises.

GM: Alternate History:

Decades of bad decision making, particularly in fighting innovation and fuel efficiency, just goes to show that GM was forced into bankruptcy by an irrational union that continued to insist people be paid the agreed upon wages for their work. Didn't those blue collar slobs understand there were executive bonuses to worry about?

Cuts at Conde:

See folks? Trying to put out a quality product is for suckers. Taking a once proud magazine and turning it into a corporate whore is the way to stay afloat.* Where do you think medical industry ad dollars will go when the rest of the media is being forced to gingerly acknowledge the reality of where those ad dollars come from? Megan is proud that someone's coverage was denied to pay for her replacement Kindle2. The pleasure she takes from it is, by virtue of her superior nature, a far greater good than some pleb's family would take from that person continuing to live in good health.

Quote of the Day:

So wait, the NEA fired a guy who was a jackass? How dare they run from this mistake like that and make it harder to criticize them by acting responsibly? Don't they realize Megan and Mickey Kaus have propaganda to produce? Goats can't blow themselves, dammit.

And we're caught up, except for the print piece. Yay.

*- Oops. As Susan reminds us, David Bradley has pretty much always lost money on The Atlantic, even before the economy went 'splodey. Also, the whole profitability claim is actually a bit tenuous, which isn't exactly surprising.

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Chad said...

I look forward to the inevitable article where she manages to blame the entire decline of a manufacturing sector in the US economy on unions...assuming she hasn't already.