Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Ann Althouse Taser Challenge

Too much McArdle leads to Nyquil abuse, so let's see what Ann Althouse is up to.

Let's see, sentimental photos of Brooklyn and Manhattan, willful misrepresentations of the behavior of museum goers...causing outbreaks of "bloofer lady" sightings...sucking up to The New York Sun...failed pledge drive for a second egg-salad sandwich challenge...

I wonder what she thinks about that kid who got tase-

Speaking of upstart Taser-boy Andrew Meyer, how many Americans do you think would agree to get tased if it would get them the attention it got him? By chance, I was just listing [sic] to #340 of "This American Life," called "The Devil in Me."


There's a scene in there where American soldiers in Iraq are tasing each other for fun. You can hear them screaming and laughing in the audio. So, if guys with nothing else to do submit to the Taser for fun....

"...and, since people were willing to pay me $200 to eat an egg-salad sandwich..."

Brad adds:
Ahhhhh, Ann. Truly, she is my greatest, or only, hit.

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Fishbone McGonigle said...

No - not the vortex! Aiiieeeeeeeeee!