Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who's Lazier Than Megan McArdle?

That would be Andrew Sullivan, blogging on the Jena 6.

I haven't commented because, frankly, I am still unsure of all the details of the case, some of which may never be known. But Megan has a useful timeline.

The "useful timeline" being McArdle's Wikipedia grab.

Between-the-lines Sullivan: "I'm not touching this one. Why? See McArdle's comments section."

If McArdle is lazier than Reynolds, and Sullivan is lazier than McArdle, who could possibly be lazier than Sullivan?

Sullivan links to Megan McCardle's [sic] summary of the Wikipedia article on the subject, which she understands is "pretty authoritative." It's pathetic that we're reduced to going to Wikipedia because the mainstream news of a current event is too skimpy.

No, Ann, what's pathetic is your reliance on a Matryoshka structure of like-minded hacks.

Who's lazier than Ann Althouse?

Brad adds:

Let's not forget, Ann Althouse was a guest columnist for the NYfuckingTimes. And the only way she can find out info is via third-hand wikipedia references. I.... don't know what to say. That's just... monstrously stupid. Nazi enabling stupid. (Yeah, Godwin, but c'mon, how ignorant and accepting of whatever is set in front of you can someone be?)
Oh, and don't let Glenn Reynolds off so easily. Lazy, or complicit?

Clem responds:

Lazy or complicit? I haven't commented because, frankly, I am still unsure of all the details of Reynolds' case, some of which may never be known until he uploads his brain into a publicly accessible external storage device. But Wikipedia has a useful illustration.

Brad adds more:

It appears I'm being too hard on Instapundit, amazing as that is to say. I went back and read his post that Megan half-based her initial post on, and I'm left to wonder if Megan actually read anything, anywhere, before posting. Reynolds provided a reasonably fair summary of the case, or rather quoted one at length. Megan came up with "jail the Jena 6" all on her own, based on an uninformed knee-jerk response to dirty hippies claiming black "criminals" had been victimized.
It's actually worse than I thought.
Fire Megan McArdle


Anonymous said...

Who's tazier than Ann Althouse?

Adam Eli Clem said...

Hdb, you'd know better than I. I'm an idiot. Ann said so. Actually, she said that Brad was an idiot, having misattributed the authorship of my post. (Ann's more of a big-picture gal.)

Oh, Brad? Ann demands an abject apology.

On the bright side, she hasn't deleted our comments or redirected our URLs. Might she take up our Taser Challenge?

brad said...

Ahhhhh, good to know Ann still loves me. I'm not sure how I manage to get under her skin like that, but I like it. I'm almost glad this Yanks game is taking 15 hours to play and has kept me home.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Commencing banishment countdown.

Her demands for apologies always crack me up, particularly when they're directed at brighter lights (Rupta, Greenwald, Sargent, et al). Odd power dynamics at work.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I follow a link and find the place populated by idiots. Do us all a favor and don't link. It makes people think you have something to offer.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Hello there, anonymous. We're big believers in personal responsibility here at FMM, and trust that readers are capable of making informed decisions before they click on links. Restricting access to our site would be unconstitutional and, frankly, immoral.

You're in our vortex.

Anonymous said...

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I will have to agree with Brad, Ann Althouse is really stupid and lazy. Her articles are really high school quality! She's lazy like a turtle! Megan McArdle? I just still don't know who she is. And honestly, I don't care.

Anonymous said...