Monday, September 17, 2007

It lives!

Advice on home-buying, germans, and inflation. Ohhhhh, my.
I actually have to head out, meaning no Camille tonight from me unless latenight, but Fishbone looks to have some nice juicy material to work with. I started a response to the German piece, but I'm not an economist or statistician, so I kept bumping into questions I had no idea how to answer. I know, I'm just like Megan, only I'm not paid by a noted national magazine to blog, making it a bit more acceptable for me to not spend half an hour googling as a really basic form of research. That said, the economic impact of absorbing a Soviet satellite state would seem, to me, who's been to what was East Germany and seen how badly harmed even the landscape itself was, to be something that might just take more than 17 years to fully overcome.
I mean, how long do you think it will take us to undo the damage Cheney/Bush has done? A little malicious governance goes a long way.

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