Friday, September 14, 2007

Comments from Another "Web Log"

Here's more trenchant analysis of Megan McA., copied & pasted from a comment @ another blog (which is not all about Megan & other contrarians).

Clbetley said...
Having suffered through game theory in graduate school, I can report that "asymmetric information" is a piece of economics jargon that she may have picked up, as she never ceases to remind us, when she was getting an MBA from the University of Chicago. I think this allusion is a further attempt to bolster her weak credentials in economics.
Friday, September 14, 2007 9:27:00 AM PDT
Ah-ha. And another comment (& response) from the same blog:

We forward, or re-post, or something, a comment from the esteemed Peabody, referring to the "diavlog":

"I tried to comment but Blogspot wouldn't let me. Re: Megan: Weapons grade stupid indeed. She uses the word "awesome" twice in the first three minutes, a word I meticulously avoid using, since I'm virtually never awestruck by any person, thing, or event. Weapons grade stupid. P." Friday, September 14, 2007 1:09:00 PM PDT

Perhaps she is easily awestruck. Let's face it, "awesome" is yet another word rendered meaningless by today's young fools, B. A. in English from Penn or not. And we're using a different format for the comments now, maybe this will work better.

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Fishbone McGonigle said...

The funny thing about that is that full information - when all participants have access to exactly the same information about the market they happen to be in - is sort of a requirement of the kind of oversimplified, Econ 101-level economic "analysis" you see on a lot of right-wing or Randoid blogs these days. The presence of asymmetric (not "asymmetrical") information throws a monkey wrench into the entire mindset that holds that trusting the free market will always lead to the optimal outcome. People make less-than-optimal economic decisions because of asymmetric information, and I think it's both hilarious and telling that Meggsie chose to use that particular concept as the title of her blog.