Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yesterday's Silly Questions & Megastats

Megastats for 18 September 2007:
# of posts: 9
First post: 0906 EDT
Eighth post: 1206 EDT
Ninth Post: 1946 EDT
Long lunch? Nyquil™?

Line Count:
Megan McA.: 86
Copied & Pasted: 155
Ratio: Approx. 2:1 Copying & Pasting

Videos Embedded: 1

Silly Questions: 2

Does anyone know why I can't reach Crooked Timber, Mark Kleiman, or my old site?

Can someone explain why eMusic doesn't seem to know that Tegan and Sara exist?

Mostly off topic ego-massage & blog-pimping, w/ a slight connection to all this:
Today is the birthday of Tegan & Sara. To see what other births, deaths & events occurred today (including G. Washington's Farewell Address, which appeared in the quiz mentioned in Fishbone's item immediately below) visit this pointless excuse for a "web log."

Miscellania: The "Comment of the Week" & "Gadget/Object of the week" remain unchanged. Get off the Nyquil™, girl!!

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