Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick question

Can anyone explain what Megan thinks "devolving" means in the following?

It is, however, a very good argument for federalism--devolving power down to the level of the states wherever possible. That makes legislators much more directly responsive to their constituents.
Also..... what does she think federalism means?
The full post.

Looks like Megan finally added me to the list of them whut she has to approve the comments of, aka the ban list.

Update 2:
Yet again, oops. Fire me.


Anonymous said...

Devolve does mean "to transfer or delegate (a duty, responsibility, etc.) to or upon another; pass on."

OTOH, federalism means exactly the opposite, traditionally, as her misuse of the term here.

brad said...

Well I'll be. I always thought devolve was an emerging word, meaning a kind of reverse evolution. I stand corrected.

Remember, folks, I'm an admitted rank amateur, n I don't get paid, so for me not to check some stuff out first is just embarrassing laziness on my part, not a failure of duty.
Still, before anyone says it, yeah, I should take my own advice before posting, and do 30 seconds worth of googling. My (half) bad.

M. Bouffant said...

The new definition of "federalism," as in The Federalist Society, is more states rights, less U. S. Gov't. "interference."