Monday, September 17, 2007

A Little Direction & More Megastats

When doing an accent, whether on stage, in film/television, on the radio, or typing a "web log" (blogging's semi-conversational, y'know) it is vital to maintain the accent. Therefore, "Ve haff vays of making you vork," would be better rendered thusly: "Ve haff vays uff making you verk." Or even: "uhff." Take it from Hollywood.


For 16 September 2007: Goose Eggs. Reason(s) given: Attending conference, "traipsing around open houses w/ sister." (Another "overgrown elf?")

For 17 September 2007:
# of Items: 8
First Post: 0946 EDT
Last Post: 1813 EDT
Line Count: A lot. Can any of our readers help us out? (Just kidding. Maybe she does that to suck her readers into her "vortex," Althouse-style.)

Ratio: Pretty good, actually. Significantly more McA. than Copied & Pasted.
And she did it all w/ a "nasty cold."

Cheap Shot Dep't.: Pardon my gibe about rooming w/ animals: "Helpful hints for life: We can only hope neither parenthood nor rooming w/ an animal are in Megatron's future." Internet investigation has revealed that Ms. McA's dog died:

What has been your worst blogging experience? > Having commenters tell me to get over it when my dog died.
& she was sad about it. (Although her commenters telling her to "get over it" may be an indication of the heartlessness of the libertarian commenting classes.) As long as the death wasn't the result of her dog being swung by its tail, it may be OK for Megan to have pets. I'll have to stick w/ the no parenthood advice for the moment.

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