Monday, September 17, 2007

Our muse returns

Apparently it was windy in Northern Virginia over the weekend, and (as Clem documents below) our heroine is a little ill, leading to another light day of work. Isn't it great how Americans have wonderful jobs where if they feel a tiny bit feverish they can go home after an hour? Socialized health care would just put red tape in the way of people being good to each other. And it would mean they'd break into my house and steal my belongings to raise money to give to poor people in case they ever got sick. Hell no!
However, the big news is that, thanks to us totally knowing Meg and like, sitting with her at lunch, she's gonna slip us ten million dollars! $10,000.
I genuinely am in grad school right now, and who couldn't use 10 large? Thanks, Meg.
It pays to have connections, eh? The free market of ideas is soooooooooooooo about who you know, like, srsly.

I'd do Meg's stats, but that's M. Bouffant's thing.

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Adam Eli Clem said...

If only Ben Shapiro had taken a year off. He just missed out, the poor lad.