Saturday, September 15, 2007


For Saturday 15 September 2007:

Goose Eggs. So far.

However (From Wonkette. Looks like they have to go in the bookmarks too.):

I saw Ezra Klein and Megan McArdle at the
Wonderland bar trivia last night. They were pretty quiet, although they did argue one question about where Chernobyl happened (I thought they had a point).
That was Thursday night. Possibly explaining Friday's low post count. Oh, to be younger & boozin' again.


tau factor said...

They argued about where Chernobyl happened?

Is this one of those tricky questions like "who is buried in Grant's tomb"?

Who won the argument?

Adam Eli Clem said...

They may have had a point, there. The reactor complex is in the city of Pripyat. (I know this only because I read "Wolves Eat Dogs," a Martin Cruz-Smith novel set in the post-accident exclusion zone. Good book.)