Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm not even going to begin to try to diagram this

Regular S,N! commenter J-- directs us to a post at The Garance where the clique that vexes us so is explained. *

For anyone who ever thought the blogosphere was insular, I’d like to lay out all the relationships behind today’s D.C. cafe society contretemps, because it’s actually kind of funny. Brian is/was Ezra’s roommate. Sommer is Matt’s friend. Ezra is staying with Matt here in NYC while we are all up here for the Clinton Global Initiative. Alex and I are friends, as are Alex and Megan. Matt and Ezra and Megan went shooting together on Yom Kippur (bad Jews!), along with Dave, who is throwing a joint birthday party with Brian later this week. Also, Megan and Matt work together. And I used to work with Matt and still work with Ezra. And I think we are all Facebook friends.
I have to admit, it's difficult to effectively mock that. I could date myself with a 90210 ref, but David Spade did us the service of playing those out. I could mock Garance, and there's plenty of material to work with here and elsewhere, but she's not really worth it, and if I say her name one more time Ann Althouse will pop up and demand I apologize.
Ah hell, I give up. It's late, and it's too depressing to think that with corporate ownership of all media, everywhere, that little circle is going to end up going far. Good journalists should be poor ass kissers.

*- Embedded links to the various blogs in original post not reinserted because, well, fuck that.

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