Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why We Fight

A blast from the past, Megan on war protesters, back in 03. "And I think some in New York are going to laugh even harder when they try to unleash some civil disobedience, Lenin style, and some New Yorker who understands the horrors of war all too well picks up a two-by-four and teaches them how very effective violence can be when it's applied in a firm, pre-emptive manner."
I'm a New Yorker, too, since 99.* I'm not sure if I went to that particular protest, but I went to plenty. Fuck you, Megan. That's not why I want you fired, but it sure makes it easier to be an asshole to you.

*- Born n raised near Albany, went to college in Poughkeepsie. So there.


Anonymous said...

I see our Megan is back to moderating's one I left that was deleted:

So now being critical of you=trolling?

Get used to it. Either stop making errors, or acknowledge them when you do make them. That's something that happens in this journalmalism gig you've fallen into.

Or you can just delete all the comments that point out your errors. It's okay. We'll be happy to point them out in other places, on other websites, and in letters to your editor.

BTW, even when she deletes a comment she doesn't delete your name. So just in case people want to remember to put this URL in when they comment....Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

PS I left the above comment at 8:21(or rather, that's when she moderated it.)

Looky here, a new post by Megan at 8:32!


Robert Green said...

brad--you a vassar guy or marist?

vassar class of...well, i went there for 5 years, and that's what really matters.

brad said...

Robert- VC, for 4 years near the end of the century.

Robert Green said...

VC should have been class of 90. played on the soccer team, enjoyed the ratio, the usual rosengray shit. i know a lot of your classmates out here in LA.

good to know smart and snarky is still being recruited up there.