Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sidebar Trivialities

The Comment of the Week @ Asymmetrical Information has been there for over a week, hasn't it? The comment itself is dated 9 September 2007.

And the GADGET OF THE WEEK, also known as the Object of the week, has been the same since I left a comment pointing out that "Dalmatian" is misspelled as "Dalmation." (And it remains so.) That was some time ago, Ms. McArdle, can't you summon the energy to pimp properly? Don't you get a free whatever it is you share w/ your loyal readership? Or at least cheap books (there's a link to Amazon.com right there in the pimpin' section)? Heckfire, let's just copy & paste the whole damn thing, saving you, the reader, trouble, & saving a click that might increase her count.

Object of the week
I'm generally kind of skeptical of those all-in-one "It's a Dalmation, and it's also a delicious breakfast drink!" kind of gadgets. My general feeling is that I'd rather have a good phone than a mediocre camera. But I am completely in love with my new
multi-function printer, which has already saved me several dollars in faxing and copy fees. It's a laser, not an inkjet, so it's decently fast and sharp, and best of all, it hooks straight into my wireless network. I chuckle with glee every time I use it.
"I'm generally kind of...," "My general feeling...," & the other phrase that will go down in early 21st century history: "It seems to me..." Please, don't be afraid to believe something, or to state it firmly. There's no free lunch! You have to work for everything, before the mean old gov't. snatches it from your very hand & uses it to murder the widows & orphans of those it's previously murdered.

None of the Atlantic's other "Voices" have such pimpery. Sully & Fallows do pimp their books, but that's it, & fair enough. Does she have a side deal going w/ Amazon? Maybe she has to get a certain amount of clicks/sales before the possible book discount kicks in, & she's just going to leave the multi-function printer there until she gets them. That's the free market for you.

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