Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Apology Is Required

When I worked for a living, the corporate bible, employee handbook, or that ring binder from which they pulled never previously enforced regulations in order to fire you should the word "union" ever escape your lips always had a paragraph to the effect of: "Don't use the phones for personal business, unless the day-care center just called to say your baby's dead," sometimes qualified w/: "We understand you may have to use the corporate phones once in a while, but let's not get carried away."

Is there an Atlantic "Voices" web logger handbook? They may need one. And one of the suggestions should be:

"Don't type crap like this:

26 Sep 2007 10:15 am
It has come to my attention that I neglected to use the BCC feature on the mass email I just sent out asking people to change their address books.
Rather than abuse peoples' mailboxes again, I'm posting my apology here.

I am scum. However, luckily you're all very nice people and you should be friends with each other. I feel a facebook group coming on . . .


Crummy writing section: Is there a phrase more pompous (or less meaningful) than "It has come to my attention?"
Is "sent out" so we won't think she sent something "in"? Next week (as predicted in my previous post): Megan asks someone to "return back" the sweater she borrowed last weekend.
Did Megan ask people to "change their address books" just for the hell of it? Or did she mean she was "sending out" a new e-mail address? Inquiring minds want to know, but we'll never get anything clear from Ms. McA.
We know you're posting. It's what you do there. Therefore: "I apologize," or "I'm apologizing" will suffice.
"I am scum" is a lovely sentence. No, not the content, it's short, simple, clear, & declarative. More like this, please.
"However" doesn't mean a thing in there. The prior declarative sentence is not changed by the fact that "luckily [for her, she might add] you're all..."
Gee, Megan may I be a kewl kid too & join your facebook™ group? What a great way to make friends! The singularity is almost here!! Transhumanists unite!!! Beep.

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