Thursday, September 20, 2007

That's her story, and she's sticking to it - for now

Today, Megan revisits her TPM Cafe "review" of Chait to defend herself from the likes of Sadly, No! in her own inimitable style:

I have to admit to a bit of private hilarity at the multiple accusations that I couldn't possibly have read Jon Chait's book because a mere thirty six hours before I posted my review of it, I complained of not having a copy. I hadn't realized that so many people considered reading a 250-page book, set in the EZ Reader Xtra Large typeface popular among political polemics, such a heroic feat.

Well actually, Megan, it was partially that, and partially the fact that your review itself provided no evidence that you'd actually read the book. And just an FYI - nobody really believed your claims of reading 1700 pages of Stephen King over the course of a weekend anyway.

Then, reminding me of sooooo many of the undergrads I've taught over the years, she goes on and provides a (small) bit of belated evidence that she's read the book now, and acting like that proves she read the book at the time it was assigned.

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brad said...

Hehe. That post is just too good for any of us to ignore, innit?