Monday, September 17, 2007


General State of Health: ...[N]asty cold, which has been retreating and resurging for the better part of three weeks.

Personal Responsibility Index: Has been illin' for approx. three weeks. Has not yet seen a doctor, or hasn't shared w/ us if she has. Possible that her Atlantic health coverage hasn't yet kicked in. If it is something infectious, she's been sharing it w/ her colleagues. If she's sick, why was she out carrying on just last Thursday? From Wonkette, as previously noted:

I saw Ezra Klein and Megan McArdle at the Wonderland bar trivia last night. They were pretty quiet...
From herself:

I'd be surprised to find that I'm running as much as two degrees of fever [...] Can readers comment?
Here's a comment: There are three ways to determine your temperature.
1. Oral thermometer.
2. One of those baby thermometers you stick in baby's ear so baby doesn't bite the end off an oral thermometer. (May not be accurate for determining adult temps.)
3. Thermometer that goes in at the other end of the gastro-intestinal tract.
(I thought these libertarians were all go-getters, taking responsibility, doing it for themselves, etc.?)

Stupidest Comment from a Commenter Today (So Far):

The first question that must be answered logically, and not just flippantly, is "Does everyone need to have health coverage?"

The next problem that comes up, is that with the government regulating everything of any consequence and power, such as health coverage, your individual freedoms are cheapened and provide less liberty to the individual.

Can a Liberal-Progressive tell me why they would want to give up their personal Liberties, or any vestige of them?
Posted by Acculturist September 17, 2007 11:32 AM

No further comment required. (How could one answer that without flippancy?) You may, however, need to bang your head on something a few times, to loosen any idiocy that may have gotten stuck inside, and allow you to shake it out.

Looks like our muse took a loooong lunch. We'll be back later w/ the final stats of the day.

And see what the America's Future Foundation says about Ms. McA., since, as brad mentions below, she's judging their college blogging contest.


brad said...

Ooooo. Nice catch on that biographical interview. Looks like it'll get a lot of play 'round these parts.

M. Bouffant said...

I got another one somewhere. Oh, here it is:



If someone else wants to link to it or use it, I've no problem. And if you want to delete housekeeping/admin stuff like this from the comments, that's good too. Or I could make the effort to e-mail stuff like this. (Which would force you to send it to the rest of the Usual Gang of Useful Idiots.)