Thursday, September 20, 2007

In defense of Scott

Scott was Megan's college bf. We also know that he dumped her right about the same time her college band got sick of dealing with her. (Yes, I realize it was 100% her decision in both cases and she still gets calls from both parties begging her to take them back and she just lets them pretend to have been responsible to salvage their piddling egos.)
Megan remains unhappy with Scott, however, to the point she quasi-Godwins him with this: "Osama Bin Laden is starting to remind me of my college boyfriend, whose brooding anger at the white male bourgeois power structure quickly disintegrated into anger at the non-Scott power structure."
Lady, Scott had the good taste to stop being in a relationship with you. That means he's better than The Atlantic, which also means he's better than Bin Laden. Radical claim, I know, but I think the logic of saying The Atlantic > Bin Laden is, even with your employment there, unimpeachable.
Now, it's true he also had the bad taste to be in a relationship with you, but let's not judge people for mistakes they've probably learned from.

This is right on the border of too mean, so let me pretend to apologize and say we (I) will focus on her professional failures from here on out.

Update 2:
I can has a fan!
He even implicitly criticizes my grammar. In a sentence missing a comma. Me likey.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, brad. So wit isn't your strong suit. I'm sure you have other fine qualities. Don't you?

brad said...

So you're saying don't get personal, just stick to the utter failure to do her job even passably?
Fair enough. I think I even agree, this might be a bit too mean.

xtra said...

This blog is quite sad.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Yes, YYChromolad, it is quite sad. Most post-mortems are.

Anonymous said...

"Brad" is an interesting name. I think I remember one rather nice guy from high school; but that was a while ago now, and for some reason every time I hear the name "Brad" I immediately think of a slightly pudgy daycare bully with the lion's share of the chocolate cookies smeared all over his face and diaper.

Given the blog title and what I see of the content here, my irrational prejudice toward that name is getting a healthy reinforcement.

Adam Eli Clem said...

What, no associations triggered by "Clem?" Sheesh.

For some reason, everytime I see the name "anonymous" I immediately think of a woman who dumped a rather nice guy, took up with an ignorant asshole and had no inner life. Weird, huh?

brad said...

Y'know, it's tempting to reconsider when shit gets stirred like this, but at any rate it's nice to cared about, finally.
I've never been loved.
Are you happy?
You drove me to an emoticon.

Ok, time to cease this foolishness for reals.

Anonymous said...


NutellaonToast said...

Brad, OMGWTFBBQ! You've been called "ad hominem" over at See, if you had wit you'd do something clever like find a female character in mostly negatively regarded literature and then change your name to the male counterpart!

Damn, I was gonna make an anonymous/name association joke but apparently it was too obvious. Shall I point out the blaring contradiction in deriding someone in a baseless fashion for making a baseless attack, or should I assume that anonymous was using satire in the opposite way in which Megan failed to recognize Brad's parody?

brad said...

Ohhhhhhhh, man. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
Poor Meg. All she did was randomly compare her ex to Bin Laden.
And yes, there was a bad.. what's the word, instance of failure to properly proofread in this post at first.
Here's the thing;
I'm not getting paid for this.

NutellaonToast said...

Tsk tsk, Brad, just when you almost won. Your second update has a flaw in its grammar.

Fishbone McGonigle said...

Sooooo . . . Megan's in her mid-30s (or so) and still thinks about her college BF enough to refer to him in a blog post?

Actually, that's not really such a big thing, now that I think of it. But it is pretty shitty to compare him to bin Laden and refer to him by name in doing so.

Random public digs at exes from 15 years ago are just pretty sad. So brad, while this may not have been your best post, rest assured that it wasn't McArdle's finest hour either.

M. Bouffant said...

According to Megatron was born 29 January 1973.

Anonymous said...

She has more than one ex-boyfriend, dumbass. I was the one in the band; Scott was somebody else.

Meg's good people; we're still friendly 14 years after we broke up. My gut feeling about you here is you couldn't even stay on good terms with your own mother that long.

Son, you're an idiot.

brad said...

John, thanks. That was teh awesome.