Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Edition of Megan Talks About Shit She's Ignorant About

Megan attempts to mediate a blog spat between Atlantic colleagues Yglesias and Goldberg. Goldberg says--yes, the same Jeffrey Goldberg who lied on the pages of the New Yorker about Saddam's weapons--that Walt and Mearsheimer "made themselves worthy heirs to Father Coughlin and a long list of antique Jew-baiters." Fascist. I guess this is what counts as 'balance' at the Atlantic.

Megan, surprise surprise, dumbs down the discussion.

She writes:

Israel is not going to do what it would take to get them [the Palestinians] to leave, which is to round them [the Palestinians] up and force them at gunpoint, while killing lots of them, including women and children, to make their point.

Oh holy and morally superior Israel! No way Israel would ever massacre Arabs! Never!

She continues:
Even if Israel did do so [kill Arabs], the international community would stop it. Even the US is not going to support anything that involves millions of women and children being moved across the border at gunpoint when the US followed up the Sabra and Shantila massacres with increased diplomatic, financial, and ideological aid?

Most of the time when I get irate over the presence of apologetics for Israel in the US media I focus my wrath on the institutions that promote apologetics and suppress criticism of Israel. In Megan's case, I don't think that is what is happening.

There's a simpler explanation: stupidity.


David said...

Speaking of anti-semitic stupidity, Israel didn't kill anyone at Sabra and Shatila; Arabs did.

Anonymous said...

Also the Jenin massacre is now universally recognized as a Pallywood myth