Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So has Henke posted yet?

I've been afraid to load the page today, after what has already come. FFS, Tim Lee said, in discussion of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in 08;

I don't plan to support his candidacy because while he may be the least-bad option on this November's ballot, he certainly isn't the kind of person I want associated with libertarianism.
We're all political geeks here, so I don't need to explain to you why Bob Barr is ratshit, batshit, dirty old twat, sixty nine assholes tied in a knot, hooray, lizard shit, fuck!* crazy, but here's an amusing snippet from his Wiki page:
In Congress, he also controversially proposed that the Pentagon ban the practice of Wicca in the military.
He's also a strong supporter of the war on poor black and hispanic men drugs. There is absolutely nothing revealing about the true nature of those who collectively call themselves "libertarians" that Bob Barr is their fucking Presidential candidate, or that Megan gave someone the space in The Atlantic to call Bob Barr the "least-bad option". Shit, even Megan probably understands Barr is just too obvious a move to be defended in any way. She'll have a post soon after returning about how Bob Barr is FUCKING INSANE, and use his antics for comic relief and to prove her indie credentials between now and November, the same way the right will use Alan Keyes.
And Lee's post was at least literate and displayed an attention span of greater than 2.87 seconds. This Conor kid has no excuse, except the culture he's been raised in. The sheer.... fecality of his work is staggering. I was going to mock a good many of his posts, but they're not interesting enough to finish reading. Instead, I'm just going to quote one of them in full.
Imagine that a Great White shark and a Bengal tiger are going to fight to the death. How many inches of water are needed for the shark to win?
Adult Swim's Flying Shark versus Flying Crocodile was a great bit, four years ago. Conor's post is quite literally the kind of question the kid you dreaded sitting next to on field trips in elementary school would ask, with the added benefit of startling unoriginality. Even in absentia, Megan's efforts are dragging The Atlantic down to new lows.
I'd link to some of Conor's attempts at being "literary" or "reasoned", but that'd just be cruel.
Megan definitely made sure no one would outshine her on this break like Henke did last time. Even if he chimes in with an interesting, thoughtful post exposing honest conservative views, it'll get drowned out in the hyperactivity and constant pooping.

*- George Carlin is the greatest living American. That's his cheer.


After looking at today's output, I'm waiting for Megan to come back to post again. Bleh.


spencer said...

When I was an undergrad (almost 20 years ago), I taught a group of friends that cheer. We did it at football games (we went to Big Southern Football State U). The funny thing was, it seemed like whenever we did it, our team came up with a big play, so after a few weeks we had an entire section following along.

Good times, good times.

spencer said...

Also, "fecality" is a great word.