Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coming next year

a new blog.

Fuck Jimmy Fallon.

Why? Cuz.

What a waste. Letterman broke R.E.M. in that time slot. Conan's first musical guest was Radiohead. Dave gave Andy Kaufman and Bill Hicks a home. Upright Citizens Brigade got the exposure that led to their Comedy Central show on Conan.
Now the Dave Matthews band and that schmendrik from the Mac commercials have a home. Wonderful.

Demetri Martin got jobbed, even if he didn't try for it.


spencer said...

By "schmendrick in the Mac commercials," you do mean the annoying smug hipster doofus Mac character, right? Because the dude who plays PC is fucking hilarious.

And I thought we were living in a post-Jimmy Fallon world these days. What gives?

brad said...

Of course. John Hodgman (PC) is awesome, I have his book.

I don't know, but it really fucking sucks.

Dhalgren said...

It sucks. TV sucks. The golden age of late night TV is coming to a slow end.

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