Friday, May 16, 2008

Comment Digging Time!

What's better than a long, boring post on race...racist comments!!!1
Let's see how the rabble roused.

Dan, start us off:

Might the fact that black people are more likely to be followed around the store be due to the fact that thieves are disproportionately black?...If you have two customers, one white and one black, it makes sense to devote your attention to the black one. That's just playing the odds.

Why not just shoot the darky before he shoots you?

Edward Royce says
Honestly I think the day prostitution is legalized it'll be the death of dating.
Um....I'll leave that alone.

Poolside should just jump in and drown:
African-Americans often exhibit an attitude in their social interactions with white people that leads to miscommunication or conflict ... almost as if they are actively seeking proof that racism exists.
Whether or not that proverbial "chip on the shoulder" is warranted is another topic altogether. I think most blacks would say it is; most whites would say it isn't.
Either way, the constant claim of racism puts whites in a no-win situation.

Sidney, poor Sidney:
Given that Nigerian's are notorious for running different email and identity scams (I will cite 60 Minutes here as reference), I find it particualrly curious that more and more Africans are running the doorman and security functions in NYC buildings. Maybe 95% of them are honest, which means 5% are not, which means night time access to an awful lot of buldings and information.

Back to Eddie Royce!
The list goes on and on. There has been very long history of overt and covert racism against Asians. Whether it's pejoratives such as "chink", "gook" or "jap". Whether it was barely concealed anger by WWII, Korean War or Vietnam War veterans. Even children emulating their elders on every December 7th. Asians have undergone just as much discrimination and racism in America as African-Americans. And in many cases now have to contend with racism *from* African-Americans.

So. Why is the outcome different?

Honestly my opinion is: less whining.

Roberto fawns
Between quoting Psalm 73 (actually saying that the news from Burma brought it to mind) and C.S. Lewis, you are one fascinating agnotheist


Clever Pseudonym said...

Edward Royce: believe it or not, some men actually possess and exhibit the maturity to have relationships with women that aren't entirely based on sex.

And Sidney will cite "60 Minutes" as a reference that all Nigerians are scam artists? Hell, dude. I can cite my spam filter. Give me a break. Here's a tip, Sid: there are more white people running around America trying to con people out of their money than there are Nigerians, honest or otherwise, on the entire fucking planet.

spencer said...

And all this time, it was us white guys who were in the no-win situation! How about that! I'm sure that Poolside is working on a way to get some reparations for his lifelong pain and suffering that stems from blacks' attitudes putting him in a no-win situation.

God damn . . . for anyone who's not a white guy - do we all whine that much? Seriously - you can tell me.