Monday, May 5, 2008


There's a new Gadget/Object of the Week!!

Megan likes TiVo!

I looked because after she pimped something called a "Kindle," I wondered if I could tell her to make it the Object/Gadget of the Week. But she (after, may I note, some seven mos., & never correcting the misspelling of Dalmatian) had finally found another Amazon product. What is the deal w/ the Amazon pimping & linking? Is this totally ethical? Does The Atlantic know?

Does a "book-reader" named "Kindle" mean we're going to be seeing book burnings again?


Susan of Texas said...

We bought e-books maybe ten years ago. And tivos. Maybe I should write a post about all my kitchen gadgets. I can tell everyone about the Cuisinart!

spencer said...

The Kindle will be her Object of the Week sometime in 2011.

Clever Pseudonym said...

If you write about your Cuisinart, I promise to tell you all about my blender. Then we can move on to the bread machine!

Kindle looks really stupid to me. Sorry. Megan says she only likes books for the words? Uh, well, I like books for the artwork, the pictures, the comforts of holding them and seeing them in stacks around my house. I love books. Not to mention that my eyesight is already blubbed up from staring at a computer screen and typing all day. When I read to relax, I want to see that shit on paper.

spencer said...

Books smell purty too.

NutellaonToast said...

e-ink isn't hard on your eyes like computers are. It's absorptive rather than emittive.

Anonymous said...

Those old ereaders rather sucked. They were far more limited in battery life than the Kindle or other epaper devices. Plus, TiVo has changed over the years as well, so that's always review-able.