Monday, May 19, 2008

Megan is a Liberal!

How do I know? Well, she calls Noam Chomsky a liar.

After all, that is what liberals do to signal to the center and right that they aren't entirely batshit crazy with their ideals of social justice and hatred of state sponsored murder. Maybe Chomsky embarrassed these folk way back in the early sixties when he realized, along with one other intelligent person, that invading Vietnam and burning the skin off Vietnamese children was fucked up and the argument that supporting the RVN would kill all the Soviets and Chinamen was sans merit. Well all the liberal hawks forgot those lessons, and that amnesia was partly induced by drawing up Venn Diagrams where brilliant and principled scholar Noam Chomsky was relegated to his own little circle with Alexander Cockburn and the Counterpunch Bunch far apart from The Hateful Triangle of the military-industrial complex, frightened liberal journalists, and Arab hating neocons. Not to worry, Liberal Hawks--you can redeem yourself (by yourself, and for yourself) simply by being against the Vietnam war post facto. Or even better, wipe that Yglesias off your donut and support the Iraq war and then let careerism steer you back on the path of moral righteousness. Who the fuck cares as long as your word count is up and the check is in the mail.

I'm sure these people will be fine with it:

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M. Bouffant said...

The middle (Agent Orange?) photo is not displaying & gives a "forbidden to server" message when clicked upon. Here at the L. A. Public Library, anyway. Don't know if any one can do anything, but...