Monday, May 19, 2008

Me, Myself, & I

This may be a bit unfair (nothing wrong w/ anecdotal whatnot) but again we find McMegan using only her experiences to consider something.

I actually found technology relatively family friendly, if only because women were such a novelty that companies liked having them around.
"Family friendly?" That is so meaningless in this context. I guess she's believes herself to be clever, but there's no family involved, & this isn't really making much mock (if that's even what she intended) of over-used phrases like "family friendly."

Enough quibbling.
When I came in on Monday morning and people asked me what I had done, the answer was usually something like going to a club, or sailing.
Here we'll assume she forgot the phrase "over the wknd." Unless of course "What have you done now, McArdle?" was an oft-asked question everywhere she worked.

But we can see by her clubbing* & sailing wknds. that "journalism" is much more appealing to her. Many more chances for elite activities. How's Chesapeake Bay compare to Long Island Sound, Megan?

P. S.: MBA w/ econ emphasis or whatever, B. A. in English. Not electrical engineering or computer science. Technology "consultant." What do you think she was really doing? Cost analysis or something? Not really science & technology.

*Sorry to turn noun into verb, but it works better in that context than to have re-quoted.

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