Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Badness

A thoughtful, caring blogger speaks out:

That's why HIllary [sic] is here with a plan. Specifically, a plan to discourage investment in the oil industry through a windfall profits tax, and to destroy the mortgage market by freezing foreclosures and interest rates. That way, no one has to worry about oil or houses, because there won't be any to worry about. That's just the kind of thoughtful, caring politician she is.
Just a note, Miss "Really, I Do Think Global Warming Is Real & Serious": If the oil industry were making the slightest actual effort to develop sources of energy beyond polluting, terror-enabling, going-to-run-out-pretty-damn-soon oil, it might be worth it to let them loose. As it's been 35 yrs. since the first "Oil Crisis," & Big Oil has yet to wise up & put some of its eggs in another basket, while remaining satisfied to rake in billions from its old business model, well...there won't be anyone left to buy their gas & oil once the economy has collapsed under the weight of fuel prices &/or workers not being able to get to their crummy jobs anymore, whether it's 'cause they can't afford gas or there's no more gas & no alternative thereto.

As for mortgages & house-owning:

A) Property is theft.

B) How can any of your short-lived species pretend to "own" the earth? Give me a break from your imaginary lines drawn on pieces of paper.


spencer said...

It's not about owning the earth. It's about owning the right to keep other people off a small piece of it.

That's the whole reason the concept of "property" even exists - the desire to exclude other people from things that you like.

NutellaonToast said...

I like to share!!!!!