Monday, May 19, 2008

Sure, kids n shit, but what about Megan?

Credit only where credit is due:

I agree that tax credits for school choice are not a very good idea.
You'll be shocked to learn why.
with a tax credit, you get to keep your own money, while with actual spending, the government takes your money. Yes, well, that is true for you, where you is someone who gets the tax credit. But unless we cut spending somewhere else, that is not true for me, where me is a childless single. Since the government is taking less of your money for other spending, it has to take more of my money to cover the shortfall. This is no different, either economically, or morally, from taking money from me to give to you in order to educate your children at the school of your choice. [lots of italics not reinserted]
Megan, you see, receives no benefit from public schools. She didn't go to one, and she carefully avoids any retail establishment or public service which might employ the product of public schools. Because she, thankfully, hasn't squeezed one out she has no part in that system, except to say it should be replaced with a for-profit model. She does not live in the same society as the rest of us, where schooling the people around us makes for a better place, she lives in a magic world of rugged self-reliance. Megan grows her own food, and makes her own clothes out of cotton she grows, strains, and weaves on her own. (No bleach, she's good to the environment.) She even has her own network of roads, built by her from cobblestones she personally collected, and her own internet.
Shit, she even mined and smelted and forged the steel in her new bike, and grew the rubber trees that produced the tires from seed. The rest of us should pay her for being in the world with us. Taxing single people like her for schools is, like, totally what Hitler would've done.
It'd be much fairer to penalize families for producing new citizens and charge a $100k start-up fee for having a new kid, sparing the rest of us any taxes for that kid. That way single, childless Megan will be able to afford the massive costs of being cared for in her old age in the future when 1% of the nation is under 50.
You live here too, Megan, you spoiled selfish brat.

(N yeah, I know she's talking about tax credits for school choice, not school taxes in general. Let's not pretend there's a difference in her mind. She's bitching about the prospect of losing even more of her money, and only to support something she's supposedly in favor of. Isn't school choice part of the whole charter school boondoggle?)

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