Monday, May 12, 2008


Shorter Megan: The Bush administration wasn't indifferent to the plight of black people after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their lives because Burma kills monks.

brad adds:

Americans could be told that 500,000 had died in a Bangladeshi apartment building fire, and we'd just sort of nod and say how awful it all is.
No, I'd ask for further details about an apartment building that half a million people, at least, lived in. That'd be a very unusual building.


Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, since a lot of Americans care about people even outside the American bordes"

Huh? What? Megan, you write like crap. You edit like crap. You babble like crap. Quit your job. You don't deserve it.

Susan of Texas said...

This is why Megan sucks. She has no empathy. She's emotionally dead inside.

There's no there, there.

spencer said...

susan, that's a prerequisite for glibertarianism. One must value theories over people.

Clever Pseudonym said...

There she goes again, speaking for EVERYBODY. Actually, Megan: Most Americans don't just brush it off with an obligatory "that's awful." Many of them donate their time, their money, their cars, even space in their homes. After the tsunami, I volunteered for a company shipping relief supplies that had so many people wanting to help out, they actually had to turn dozens away. That's not to say some Americans can't be bothered, but on the whole, we're not universally dismissive when it comes to the suffering of others. Just because all Megan feels compelled to do after something like this is meet Yglesias for lattes to chat about the poor brown people in "Burma" doesn't mean the rest of us don't rise to the occasion.