Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still not funny

Ditching the gas tax is a bad idea, for reasons everyone reading this has probably already learned from folk better qualified to explain why than I.
Megan, of course, isn't qualified to explain how to use a toaster, let alone a relatively simple economic matter, so she's taken a seat in the peanut gallery and is trying to fire off zingers. The one thing I will give her is this; she's 'funny' enough to write for Jay Leno or Dane Cook, but this is not a compliment. This post makes me glad Bill Hicks is dead, because he doesn't have to read it. Here's a sample,

To be sure, there is a worry: all the economists think that fooling with the gas tax is a ridiculous idea. And of course, when you are considering a policy, the last thing you want to do is consult people who study this sort of question for a living. Those are just the kind of ivory tower know-it-alls who will try to get you to go to the hospital to have your appendix removed just because you are spiking a fever and displaying Rovsing's sign. Myself, I don't throw in with all those out-of-touch surgeons; I put my faith in a good, old fashioned cup of tea.
Megan is an agnoteaist. She sees a low, but non-zero!, chance of tea existing.
Good for her.


spencer said...

Since I've been paying attention to McMegan's word-related output, I've found myself wondering from time to time who I should punch first - the person who first told Megan she was funny, or the person who first told Eddie Murphy that he could sing.

Clever Pseudonym said...

I want to start with the person who told her she could write well and then I'm going to work my way to the Affirmative Action editor that hired her at the Atlantic.