Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Personal

In the never-ending blather about which city is really, absolutely the very coolest city, we are treated to more from Conor F. (He must have more time & Internet access on his hands than I do, as he is outposting his fellow guest bloggers by about three to one. Get a life!)

But let's examine the inner Conor:

I don't care for graveyard rock shows, but I wish I lived in a city where enough stuff was going on that they were happening.
First question: Has he ever been to a "graveyard rock show?" If not, is his dislike one of those "I don't have to jump off a cliff to know it's bad for me" deals? This has also been expressed as: "I'd never go to any of this crap, but it's nice to know it's there, if I ever did want to go to any of it."
I am a man who likes warm climates, laid back people and Mexican food...
Conor, we didn't think you were a goat or a lug wrench, but if you must remind yourself of your manhood every so often, please do it only through typing, not via any less socially approved activities.

Fortunately, he does seem to get out of the house once in a while.

In fact, now that I'm living in Washington D.C., where the social scene more often involves hanging out at friends' houses and conversing over drinks, activities that I prefer to extravagant parties, I've got to say that I miss the New York scene, not for its pretensions, but for the sheer amount of stuff going on at any moment. I never imagined, coming from Los Angeles, that I'd be stunned by the offerings of any American city. I find it hard to communicate to anyone who has never lived there.
May we also point out that

My parent's neighborhood in Orange County, CA

Costa Mesa, where I grew up
are unequivocally not, in any way shape or form, Los Angeles.

(And I'll add that when I had an interest in socializing, even in fabulous Los Angeles, it was generally BYOB at someone's padcrib, just as in benighted Wash. Because that's what I wanted to do, as I knew enough interesting people that I didn't need to prowl bars to find kindred spirits. Tain't what's happening in the free weeklies – it's those you know that make the city.)

Young Friedersdorf (I love to be condescending) will start thinking that quantity is quality if we continue to pay attention. We'll leave you w/ this comment, which for all we know, was posted by one of our own snidesters ('cept for the Limey spelling):

No offence, but it'd nice to see some bloggers on the Atlantic who've been out of college for more than twenty minutes.

A "Just back from Park Slope and, geesh, New York is full of stuff!" post approaches parody.

And, yeah, it's more than the guy's age. It's a type.

Megan may be gullible and not that great a writer, but, man, that girl sure can network!

Well, welcome onboard, Conor. It's your world we're just living in it.

Posted by Everyday is Privileged Kids Day at the Atlantic.com!!!


Clever Pseudonym said...

Maybe it's the whole "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" thing that confused him?

M. Bouffant said...

That still confuses me.

spencer said...

Of course, the British spelling might just be someone's subtle way of mocking Megan's most pretentious affectation . . .