Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's to Crime!

Megan says:

I'm not going to dispute that blacks commit more crime than whites.
She doesn't say why she won't dispute it. Can't be proved? Really believes it's so? Not willing to research? Raw numbers? Per capita?

I'll grant that more black people are arrested & convicted for "criminal" activity, but the actual commission of crimes?

Megan also said (in her "long post on race" previously referred to in this pile of electrons):
In a similar vein, I had no idea that black people get followed around retail establishments--even though I worked retail on the (then) very racially integrated Upper West Side.
Oh, those UWS liberals, so anxious to be PC that they won't even follow "those people" around their stores. And seriously, she had no idea? Really? Never heard of the phenomenon? Ever? What is she aware of? While I reserve most of my bile & vitriol for those more significant than our muse (at my own electron dump) & have been a bit leery of the general "Good gawd, how self-centered & self-absorbed can she get?" attitude that is sometimes visible here, this ("...even though I worked retail on the (then) very racially integrated Upper West Side") is just incredible. Is working retail on the Upper West Side the ultimate in retail activity? Once you've done that, you know all there is to be known concerning retail? At a loss for words again.

Note: Forgot to post this drivel earlier. Actual posting time 1951 EDT.

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