Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's not wrong

she's just wrong.

What's in a name?:

If you're blogging on Burma, you've probably wondered whether to call it Burma or Myanmar. Turns out they're both right--and wrong. Myanmar is the formal, literary construction, while Burma is the everyday sound. But the r sound in both is a Western addition.
Megan is, like, sooooo down with the common Burmeseian/Myanmarite. That's why she calls it Burma, instead of the actual name of the country as it's called by the rest of the world since the current (very bad) government took over, just shy of 20 years ago.
It's called fucking Myanmar, lady. Deal with it.


Clever Pseudonym said...

"Literary construction"? Huh?

I always thought that referring to Myanmar as "Burma" was a bit like the Irish Republicans I knew back in Belfast who didn't recognize the authority of the British government, so they always called Northern Ireland "the north of Ireland" or "the six counties" or some such moniker. Just because you don't like the government, doesn't change the way the place is labeled on a map. I always thought of that as a little childish myself.

David said...

Actually, you shmucks, it's the official policy of the U.S. to continue calling the country Burma, because the legitimacy of the SLORC government is not recognized, and the democratically elected government ousted by the SLORC coup does not accept the name change. The U.K., Canada, and Australia all continue to call it Burma.

jj mollo said...

What David said. Only newscritters and slorcophiles call it the M-word.