Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leap of Something

From "No, don't let first cousins marry!" to "Whittle your mating population down to a thousand people and you're asking for trouble," in seven easy lines. Is that a leap of faith or logic?

I've often found that whittling my mating population down resulted in many fewer potential mates, even among those not actually whittled down.

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Clever Pseudonym said...

Leave it to Megan to reduce a complicated, fascinating subject of which there is a wealth of material to refer to that might actually make for an interesting post to brief common sense.

And tell the families in Hilldale/Colorado City - you know, the polygamists that should be allowed to ignore the law at their religious discretion according to Megs - that have children suffering from half of the world's cases of Fumarase Deficiency that it's not an "individual problem."