Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to the Future Past

You could read the whole thing, but this is the most fun:

It would be nice if one could win an election on "Don't just do something--stand there!" This would quite warm my little heart. But it doesn't work. Conservatives need to figure out how they are going to roll back the bad ideas and prevent new bad ones from getting through. For that, they need a proposal a bit more eloquent than "Stop!"
No, we're not talking lib- or glib- ertarianism here, Megan just wants the world to stop. Some of the "good ideas" that St. Ronnie of Alzheimeria "brought to the table:"

Reagan did it with tax cuts, big increases in defense spending, and deregulation.
W/ ideas like that...


Clem said...

Big increases in defense spending would quite give me a hard-on.

M. Bouffant said...

You just like those airplanes & shit blowing up.