Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask a stupid question

... get called a fucking moron.

How many fabulously wealthy Democratic farmers in swing states can there be?

Hey, stupid fucking idiot, you're really really uninformed. Have you heard the word "agribusiness?" Have you heard people complaining about the death of the small farm and the take over of the factory farm? I know you have,you stupid fucking cunt. there are a SHITLOAD of wealthy farmers everywhere, and certainly in the midwest and southwest. Last i checked, Iowa was a fucking swing state you rot-brained shit stain.

I know you guys have missed me, you miserable twerps.


spencer said...

No one does bile like you do, Nutella. Welcome back.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Not only that, but how many fabulously wealthy people does it take to begin with to make a difference when it comes to politics? A small handfull, really. Her idiocy has dimensions.