Monday, May 12, 2008

Dep't. of Cheap Shots

Megan says:

I've been tempted to order those ridiculous detoxifying foot pads, just to see if they really do pull anything black and scary looking out of my skin the way they do on the commercials.
(Boldface mine. No further comment.)

So now we await Ms. McArdle going the full right-wing drooler route. She'll perhaps move beyond veganism or whatever into all the peculiar food fetishism, colon-cleansing, memory-improving mixtures, homeopathy, etc., for which we see advertisements on many of the more obscure right wing websites. (Those people are just plain nertz!)

P. S.: My bet? The pads will definitely show some of that scary looking black stuff, but it's a chemical reaction caused by something on the pad, activated by contact w/ human skin or perspiration or foot powder. The chances that something that shouldn't be in your corpus has been pulled out are slim & none.

P. P.S.: A scan of the comments reveals that I'm more or less correct, as usual.

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