Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A relatively quick bunch of shorters

how does she pack so much crap into so little time?

More on WIC: Here's a shocking story of a faceless bureaucracy which has odd requirements on participation in its programs. It would have been much better to have given this woman no aid, and let the market sort it out. The market can solve everything. The market cured my butt cancer.

More on milk: You know the government used to have a really stupid way of figuring milk subsidies, and replaced it with another weird way? PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING! Pork barrel politics proves altruism doesn't work, folks.
Also, the first comment to this post deserves highlight.

I look forward to government pricing of health care under Mr. Obama.
I can't snark that, I can only point and laugh.

Performance anxiety:
Anyone who's seen The Wire is intimately familiar with the process of playing with crime statistics to make them look better, rather than actually controlling crime.
Oh.... fuck.
But remember, schools don't juke the stats, those are numbers you can trust.

Vegan star power: If Oprah goes this whole vegan cleansing period without having Megan as a guest, she's a fraud. Megan IS veganism.

The privilege olympics: sexism or racism?: This one gets individual treatment.

The communications counter-revolution: This just in, Generalissimo Fransisco Brijit is still dead.

Are conservatives out of ideas?: "I want more money" is an idea? "Let's not help people"? "I blame whoever is around that doesn't look like me"? 'Let's pursue policies that are counterproductive to our own benefit and truly fuck future generations"?
If they're out of ideas like that, it can only be a good thing.
"tax cuts are awesome" is not the universal solution to every problem, and moreover, they're totally unaffordable thanks to entitlements. (Obama's plans are totally unaffordable too, for the same reason, but that's a rant for another day).
"entitlements".... like the no-bid contracts given to military contractors making the Iraq War hugely expensive? Megan, you're a real asshole sometimes, like when you post.

Like I said, a closer look at the sexism versus racism post is on deck.

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