Friday, May 30, 2008

Pigs fly, Pink Floyd reunites again

and I'm going to be glad when Megan is back, apparently tomorrow.
She sucks, but at least she sucks in manageable amounts. Trying to keep up with the output of Conor ADD Freihofer or Tim "It's free, it's freeeeeeeeee, vote Bob Barr" Lee would be like having retarded infant twins with diarrheia, who refuse to wear diapers.
I was not going to spend this week wiping retarded baby shit off the place. That's Megan's job.
And no, not watching that bloggingheads. Yglesias really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really needs to take a class on public speaking.
Project from down low, Matt. Talking through your nose is just fucking annoying to listen to.

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Clever Pseudonym said...

I'm still baffled by this sentence:

"I'm quite curious about how today's Latino immigrants will feel about immigration once they've been around as long as the Irish."

Huh? Once they've been around as long as the Irish, they won't be "today's Latino immigrants" anymore. Besides, what does he mean by "the Irish"? I know first generation Irish-Americans. I know Latinos whose families have lived in California since before it was even a part of the United States. Some of them have been around longer than the "Irish." And he brought up the damn robot overlords again. Stop it, people. It's not funny anymore.