Friday, September 14, 2007

Ask and ye shall receive

Poll to the left over there.
Plz note, you may select as many as you wish.


Anonymous said...

This poll isn't as fun as Megan's. Megan's poll will let you vote more than once. :(
You damn liberals and your whole "one person=one vote" ideology! Fucking hippies.

I'd also like to see Chris Matthews and Joe Klein on that poll. But maybe that's just me.

tau factor said...

Hey brad, I'd be interested in joining your blog as a semi-occasional contributor.

Is the title topic, teh megan, the limit or may one go OT? Rules?

In any case, if you'll take me, I'm at τ factor 1 (τ spelled out, no spaces, of course) at the gee mail. Maybe let me know there what your expectations are before you make any "moves" to add me, because I'd like to honor any expectations you have.

thx, τ

Anonymous said...

can you add Mark Warner to the list?

brad said...

Unfortunately I can't alter the poll once it's been started, but there's always future versions to consider.
Tau, I'll invite you in a bit. I have to admit I'm surprised this is getting as much response as it is.
I'll put up a post about expanded ground rules, but my thinking is to focus on non-lefties in positions a lefty should have. I don't want to overlap with S,N! and make this place redundant.
And, as I said in another thread, I dibs Paglia.

tau factor said...

my thinking is to focus on non-lefties in positions a lefty should have

That's a niche in need of filling. It's been hit-or-miss up to now.

As a point of reference, would you agree that, e.g., Time's Klein is of this ilk, if only by the theory of relativity? That is, the theory of relativity that posits a Joe Klein as sharply left of center. Not that folks such as Glenn Greenwald haven't mined in that cave already. It's just that that's a vein that keeps on giving.

I'll put up a post about expanded ground rules

I will look for that.

I dibs Paglia

Message received. --τ--

brad said...

Oh, and as far as expectations, hell, I've no idea. I made this on a whim, expecting it to be a one post wonder like my old fun with Ann Althouse.
Joe Klein is a fair target, but not exactly archetypical, as Time isn't known as a partisan rag. Yglesias and other liberal hawks, however, are excellent targets. I'd really love someone to pick Yglesias, as I have no interest in reading him.

tau factor said...

Thanks for the invite, brad.

I read Yglesias frequently. I will change that to every day and take on your suggestion as a charge. --τ--

Dhalgren said...

Joe Morgan the former Red?

For lazy color commentary and pro-Barry bullshit, right?

Fishbone McGonigle said...

re: Joe Morgan . . .

Also, for "Tony Perez should be in the Hall of Fame" every third goddamn inning.

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