Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can't sleep

... you know what's coming,
Clown'll eat me.
Anyhow, this is old, but worth a half-conscious response.

I am still bemused by the childish hysterics that have attended Megan's arrival here. I mean even the "fire Megan" blog linked above. I found it interesting how the history of The Atlantic is rewritten there to portray it as a left-wing magazine that has recently been repositioned as a DLC-centrist organ. To read that you'd think it used to be The Nation. I'm sure the ghost of poor Michael Kelly is having a good laugh at that one. I've subscribed for over 20 years and always liked The Atlantic for this "centralism" and for the well-written articles on non-political subjects.

Ross Douthat is seemingly far to the right of Megan but doesn't receive anything like this abuse. The only difference I can see in the commenter's reactions to them is that Megan is female and Ross isn't.

Just sayin'

Posted by Campesino
(From Megan's Comments Policy Redux post.)

To begin, yes. I hate women. They should be seen and not heard, like children. I hate everything that is not me, in fact, but women in particular, because they won't let me touch them.
Further, though it seems as if I pick on only Ann Althouse and Megan, the truth is they just happen to be good targets. I've been banned from the comments of more than a few male wingnut bloggers' places, some more than once*. Ok, also Debbie Schlussel's blog, but she doesn't count in sexism charges. That woman is just plain batshit crazy with hate. But Sadly, No! handles the wingers, and with more skill and humor than I could ever manage.
As for the "centralism", there's more to the left than DFHs and The Nation. Also, if you avoid the political pieces in a magazine, it'll tend to seem a lot less political to you. (Not that there wasn't an equal or greater focus on the literary over the political in the good old days.)
Finally, I really hate women, but if there's a lady out there who wants to throw me a mercy fuck and end my reign of terror, well, no fatties or sammiches.
For the record, that last joke/desperate and pathetic plea leaves me very morally conflicted.
Does that increase my odds of getting some?

*- Rick Moran and I will be together someday. You'll all see.


Fishbone McGonigle said...

So, criticism of a shoddy writer / "journalist" who is female = misogyny.

There couldn't be any other motives, like the fact that she has this high-profile gig despite being a shallow and lazy writer who seems more interested in generating a sufficient number of posts to allow her to sneak out of the office and start in on the gingertinis at 4.

Good to know.

jeff said...

"But Sadly, No! handles the wingers, and with more skill and humor than I could ever manage."
hmmm. You sure you want to set the bar that low?

M. Bouffant said...

Special meeting of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" @ the usual place tonight. (I don't have a Friday night date.)