Friday, September 21, 2007

New Poll

As you can see.
As before, vote for as many as you please.
I'm surprised Lou Dobbs managed second in the last poll, but pleased.
Lou Dobbs is a real piece of shit. Go visit Orcinus to understand why.


NutellaonToast said...

Sigh, and here I jump on the "you've gone too far bandwagon."

The Bush Daughters? C'mon, they are bad enough off being born under him ("We must keep you in diapers or the poop will have won!" "But dad, it's prom!" "STAY THE COURSE!").

brad said...

There's a point past which you can't keep blaming your parents for who you are, and them two have passed it.
Hell, one of them, who knows or cares which, was at a damn Radiohead concert at MSG last year, I was too, and started a fight when she left early and her security started pushing people around to clear space for her.
Also, I went to boarding school, so I've seen the spawn of the ultra rich and/or powerful up close, and they are scum. No mercy.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Hey Brad, that college we went to, were you there when that Australian media tycoon's daughter was around? She was okay. (Not okay: the daughter of another conservative twit. She now hosts "What Not To Wear.")

Oh, great, now we sound like McArdle's college boyfriend(s). We're no better than Bin Laden.

brad said...

Rupert Murdoch's daughter went to Vassar? Must've been before or after my time. The resident celebs I can remember were the older daughter from Roseanne, that Phenom girl, a Mighty Duck.... Sally Struther's daughter... Stephen King's son..... not sure who you're thinking of.

NutellaonToast said...

Hey, c'mon now, how would you turn out if during 8 of your for4mative years you had to be followed around by secret service agents?

Have they made themselves public figures of their own accord? I haven't heard of it if they have (though I don't pay too much attention to that kind of crap). If not, leave them alone.

brad said...

They're dimwitted party girls who seem to wholeheartedly support the class warfare being waged by their poppa and his bosses.
Don't you remember them being sent home early from South America because they were embarrassing the entire nation?

Adam Eli Clem said...


Hey, c'mon now, how would you turn out if during 8 of your for4mative years you had to be followed around by secret service agents?
Well, if you kept your head down, avoided nightclubs and didn't get busted (twice) for underage drinking, you might turn out like Chelsea Clinton. I'm sure the Twins will survive our silly jokes. Heck, considering the Bush family's close ties with certain slavery-tolerating Middle East states, it's possible that George made the joking threat himself: "If you don't clean up your room, I'm selling you to Uncle Bandar."

Anonymous said...

We do have standards, you know.